WagesWages and benefits vary according to the industry and specific employer, and skill level and experience of the applicant. There is no standard "northern allowance" although employers may offer incentives to attract and keep workers.This is usually seen for employees at higher levels, since those positions take specific experience and training and there may be less job seekers with those skills to choose from.

In order to determine the average of what a position pays, compare similar postings for wages, and talk to others in the industry about pay and benefits. Knowing what you're worth with the amount of experience and training you have, can go a long way when you're negotiating with an employer. Also, determine how much money you need to make in order to cover your bills. The wages may be higher here, but the cost of living is also higher and you need to take this into consideration when determining what is a good wage.

Minimum wage

As of April 1, 2009, minimum wage in Alberta is $8.80 per hour. This is set to change on September 1, 2011 to a rate of $9.40 per hour for most jobs. Most employers pay above this rate in Fort McMurray. For more information about minimum wage and other employment standards visit the Alberta Employment and Immigration website.

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