Employers are allowed to recover from Jamaican healthcare professionals a portion of the cost of airfare between Kingston and Canada. This recovery will not exceed 50% of the cost of return ticket and it is based on a set daily rate.

Costs associated with continued travel to/from a different Canadian destination shall be paid by the employer.

Provincial Health Coverage

Where applicable, employers are required to have all workers registered under the Provincial Health Coverage Plan. Employers are encouraged to have their workers registered at the earliest possible date after arrival. Failure to do so may result in the denial of medical care at the time of need.

Occupational Injuries and Illness (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board-Ontario)

(i) Employers must be registered with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board in their respective Provinces/Territories.

(ii) All injuries or illnesses that are job-related must be reported to Able Industrial Trades in writing within forty-eight (48) hours

Doctor's Report

The Attending Physician's Report is provided. The worker is to be given one copy of the Attending Physician's Report on each occasion he/she visits a doctor.

Transfer of Worker (s)

Worker (s) must not be transferred to another employer without the first employer receiving the expressed authority to do so from Able Industrial Trades, Service Canada and the worker. To generally discuss transfers with an employee of Able Industrial Trades or a Liaison Officer is not authority to execute same.Several procedures must take place. When the required procedures are completed the employer will be advised in writing that the worker is authorized to move to another employer.

Telephone Charges

Able Industrial Trades will not be responsible for telephone charges incurred by workers.

Social Insurance Numbers

All workers are required to contribute to Employment Insurance. Social Insurance Numbers will be supplied by the Social Insurance Index through Able Industrial Trades.

T4 Slips

T4 Returns & Separation Certificates are to be forwarded to Able Industrial Trades by the end of February.

Vacation Pay

Foreign skilled workers are eligible for vacation pay. Vacation pay should be 5% of Gross Earnings.Each provinces existing provincial laws will apply.

Ground Transportation

Employers hiring foreign skilled workers are requested to make access to amenities (shopping, health care, and social) readily available. We should welcome our professionals and make their transition to the local community as easy as possible.


As part of the contractual agreement for Skilled Workers, employers are obliged to assist in affordable, quality housing in the local community or at no-cost close to the work site. The worker is obliged to maintain such accommodation in an appropriate state of cleanliness. No member of the opposite sex is allowed to sleep over in the accommodation.

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