Interview Tips - Thank You Letter

Thank You LetterThe Thank You Letter

Never forget to follow up with a thank you letter - it provides you with yet another opportunity promote yourself. Many employers interview dozens of applicants. As a result, they may not remember you. Your thank you letter will refresh their memory of the interview, the key points you discussed, and will round out your profile as a top candidate for the position.

After your interview, make notes about what the recruiter seemed most interested in and discussed in most detail. Use this information to write your thank you letter. By sending a thank you letter within 2 days of the interview, the prospective employer should receive it before a hiring decision has been finalized, and you'll have the benefit of putting yourself in front of the recruiter one more time.

What should you include in a thank you letter? Here are some tips:

 Thank the employer for his or her time during the interview; this is after all, a thank you letter.

 From the notes you took following the interview, review the points of greatest interest and relate these to your specific qualifications.

 If you forgot to mention something during the interview, include it in the thank you letter.

 Invite the employer to contact you for more information if necessary.

 Mention that you are looking forward to the employer's decision.

If the employer requested that you submit samples of your work, you may attach them to the thank you letter. Be sure to mention the attachments in your letter: "As requested, I am forwarding samples of the Nursing Protocols I've written for your review."


Interviewing - whether a face-to-face, or by telephone, is never an entirely comfortable experience. However, with a bit of forethought, preparation and practice, it is possible to feel at ease and confident about the whole process.

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