Frequently Answered Questions - We have answers to your questions...

1. What is the mission of Able Industrial Trades?

Our mission is to keep our clients line of business functioning smoothly by providing the best and most qualified skilled tradespersons available. We are equally committed to ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for our valued resources.

Our goal is to build a skilled tradespersons network that would aim to improve the state of industry in Canada by providing better trained and more professional skilled tradespersons. We respect and value the contributions made by our healthcare professionals from Jamaica and other participating nations. Together, we provide a symbiotic relationship for the benefit of our professionals, their families and community both in homelands and Canada.

2. Why should I engage Able Industrial Trades?

When you work with Able Industrial Trades, you have access to a large number of skilled tradespersons that work within your specific field. You'll receive support from your first interaction and throughout your placement process. Able Industrial Trades applies an integrated approach to recruitment and placement. That means we look at our relationship with you as an investment in your future, our future, and the future of Canada's economic growth and sustainability. From professional development support to training for new professionals to Canada, Able Industrial Trades works with you to connect you to your community across Canada.

We're here and accessible to you. Our staff is a group of highly trained professionals who have extensive experience in recruiting and retention. Our people go through a rigorous interview process that includes screening, orientation and reference checks. We carry full insurance protection with medical liability, bonding and worker's compensation. We pride ourselves on tailoring our service to the individual needs of our clients and resources. When you join Able Industrial Trades, you are joining a team that believes in total placement management and care. We're dedicated to the well-being of our clients, resources and community.

3. Who can join the Able Industrial Trades team?

Able Industrial Trades supports reputable organizations across Canada and skilled tradespersons such as welders, pipe fitters, steam fitters, millwrights, heavy duty technicians/mechanics/operators, etc. Members of our network must adhere to our minimal requirements for their field and are encouraged to develop their skills through professional development. All of our members are carefully screened with background, reference, criminal and health checks. We verify all licensures, medical history, certifications, education and employment histories.

4. What are my placement options with Able Industrial Trades?

Able Industrial Trades offers permanent placement and contract services for its clients. Depending on the professional's designation, contracts can range from 1 or more years of service. Employment contracts are negotiated on an individual basis and meet the needs of both the employer and the tradesperson.

5. Will Able Industrial Trades help me if I'm a new professional to Canada?

Yes. Able Industrial Trades offers cultural training and orientation to all new professionals to Canada. We'll assist you with all required applications and procedures that will allow you to join our network. Constant, ongoing support is available for our entire team.

6. Where does Able Industrial Trades place resources?

Able Industrial Trades places resources across Canada, with particular focus on Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Atlantic Canada, and Canada's North.

7. How does Able Industrial Trades help industrial employers?

Able Industrial Trades assists in every aspect of the recruiting process, including:
Marketing your vacancies and community to prospective candidates
Guiding you through the recruitment process
Facilitating contact with prospective candidates
Guiding candidates through the registration and immigration process

8. Are there any fees associated with engaging Able Industrial Trades? Are there any contracts to sign? How do I get started with Able Industrial Trades?

Tradespersons do not have to pay any fees to engage Able Industrial Trades. Start searching industrial jobs and careers today. Employers are required to pay an agency fee for sourcing qualified Able Industrial Trades resources. Email or call us and get in direct contact with a representative.

9. How long can foreign workers work in Canada?

A foreign worker may work in Canada for the length of their work permit. Generally, a work permit is valid for the same length of time as the employers' LMO. The validity period of a work permit is determined upon entry into Canada.

10. What is the processing time for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from HRSDC? What is the processing time for foreign workers to obtain their work permit from CIC?

The processing time for an LMO varies depending on the number of applications being processed. The processing time for a work permit varies depending on the Canadian visa office. For CIC work permit processing times refer to their website at

11. What is concurrent processing?

A foreign worker who has been offered a position as a skilled worker may be eligible for CIC concurrent processing. This means that a foreign worker may submit an application for a work permit and CIC will begin processing the application while awaiting the decision on the LMO application. Concurrent processing only applies to NOC skill level 0, A or B, and a worker must apply for it at a Canadian visa office outside Canada.For more information visit

12. Can I terminate employment of foreign workers if they do not meet my expectations? Can a foreign worker terminate their employment with me?

If a foreign worker does not meet your expectations as outlined in the job contract, you may terminate the foreign worker's employment. A foreign worker can also choose to terminate their employment with you. Foreign workers must be provided notice to terminate as outlined in their employment contract.

13. How can I hire a foreign worker who is here in Canada but has a work permit for another employer?

If there is a foreign worker that you would like to employ who holds a valid work permit for another employer, the foreign worker must obtain a new work permit before working for you. You will have to obtain an LMO confirmation and provide the foreign worker with a copy of the LMO and a job offer. The foreign worker must then submit an application to CIC to change the conditions of their work permit. Please note that a foreign worker cannot start working for you until they receive a new work permit from CIC.

For more information on obtaining a new work permit visit

14. Can you extend the work permit for a foreign worker?

If a foreign worker with a valid work permit wishes to extend their work permit, you will have to first obtain a new LMO confirmation and then provide the foreign worker with a copy of the LMO and a job offer. The foreign worker must then submit an application to CIC for a new work permit.

If the foreign worker applies for a work permit extension and their current work permit expires before a decision is made on the application, the worker may continue working under the same conditions of the first work permit until a decision is made on the extension application. Be sure the worker applies to extend the work permit well before the expiry date of the current work permit. For more information on extending a work permit visit

15. What are employers' rights and responsibilities related to foreign workers?

Employer responsibilities are the same for foreign workers as they are for all Canadians. Foreign workers have the same rights as every worker and they are protected under national and local employment standards, workplace health and safety, and worker's compensation legislation.

16. What is the processing time for the provincial immigrant nominee program?

Processing times vary greatly due to the number of applications being submitted and the completeness of the applications received.

17. If the foreign worker or I am not eligible for the provincial immigrant nominee program, how else can I assist the foreign worker to obtain permanent residency?

The worker may be eligible to apply directly to CIC to become a permanent resident. For more information about CIC's immigration programs visit

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